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Formated to Wiki Standards LaterEdit

  • The City Hall - Announcements from the staff are made here. Usually, you can make replies to them.
    Note: You do not gain gold from posting in the City Hall.
  • Tournament Grounds - All contests, official or not, belong here.
    Note: You may find some art contests in the Art Shops forum instead.
    ++ Contest Discussion - Discuss official contests, past or present.
    ++ Official Contest Archives - Past official contests can be viewed.
  • The Great Library - Ask any Zantarni-related question.
    ++ Feedback - Here you can suggest features or items or just give general feedback about Zantarni.
    ++ Bugs and Glitches - Please report any bugs you find here. If it can be used to cheat, tell a mod or admin instead.
  • The Beer Hall - Chat about anything not related to Zantarni.
    ++ The Scholar's Room - Discuss serious topics.
    ++ Pubs and Clubs - This is the home to various hangout threads.
    ++ Other Realms - Discuss music, films, TV, and other forms of entertainment.
    ++ Gaming Hall - Discuss any game, online or offline.
  • Edingtol's Gates - New users should introduce themselves here.
  • The Gaming Tables - You can participate in word games, quizzes, and other random things.
    Note: You do not gain gold from posting in the Gaming Tables.
  • Zan Chat - Discuss anything related to Zantarni.
    ++ Avatar Courtyard - Discuss avatars, the avatar system, and items.
  • The Heroes' Realm - All roleplay (RP) takes place here.
    ++ OOC Threads - This is for out of character (OOC) discussion of RPs.
  • Market Place - Buy, sell, or trade items.
    ++ Places of Dreams - People can quest for any item here.
    ++ Good Deeds - This forum contains various charities that might donate to other Zantarnians.
  • Art Shops - People can buy art or sell their own art here.
  • The Tailor's Street - Discuss pixeling, or post your own pixel art.
  • The Painter's Workshop - Discuss non-pixel artwork, or post your own art.
  • The Storyteller's Book - Discuss writing skills, or post your own original writing.
    Note: Due to copyright issues, no fanfiction about anything other than Zantarni is allowed.

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