User Name: Lanatin


Title: Widget Warrior, July 6, 2010 - Present

Often Found In:

Widget Warriors Workshop
Zan Musings


Lanatin joined Zantarni on August 9, 2007. He began spending a great deal of time learning all he could about the site by reading through The Great Library and chatting on the forums around the site. It was not long before he began greeting newcomers at Edingtol Gates. During his time there he found that he wanted to help serve new members to the site and so began to hand out clothing. At this point in time the owner of "The Newcomer Adoption Agency" (nike13) was retiring so Lanatin took on this role and added on his own spin, title the thread "Greeter at the Games & Newcomer Adoption Agency", becoming good friends with Meldrick the Elder, who was a steady figure at the gates.

As time went by he found himself involved in many charities including "The Red Apple Munchers Society" or R.A.M.S. for short, run by Lord R.A.M.S. but spending more and more of his time in Zan Musings run by Blazestorm. He watched the thread grown and became a more prominent figure as time passed on watching many of its regular members become Knights and was eventually named "Squire of Musings" on December 30, 2008 [Click Here to see the post].

Lanatin was elated and surprised to see himself named Widget Warrior on July 6, 2010 in an announcement by Blazestorm [Click Here to see the post], as he has always wanted to serve Zantarni and see it bloom into the dream he knew it could be when he first joined the site. Though he still insist that people do not address him as "Sir Lanatin" because as he says, "I am not a Knight and I would not feel right having that title placed before my name."